Police Man Bondage

Isn't this a hot image? Can you imagine walking into a room and seeing these two beefy cops down on the floor and tied up back to back? Fuck, that's hot. And what would you do? I guess the obvious thing would be to whip out your cock and start fucking one of these cop's mouths. It sure would be hot to rough these cops up, relieve the frustration of the day, and give them both turns at sucking your hard cock. I especially like the bald cop, he's fucking gorgeous. Beautiful face, duct tape covering his moustache, and he looks to be much more muscled than the other cop. And if you're a real master at this kind of a scene, there's a lot more you could get into. Dominating these two tied-up cops with your verbal abuse or spitting on them when they don't suck your cock just right. You could even grab a chair, sit it in front of them, hoist your boot into a cop's face and tell him to start cleaning. These two cops are all tied up and waiting for you at Bearbound.

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