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We gay men sure do love our fantasies involving cops. And Academy Men has plenty of photo galleries and videos involving cops. Most of the cops are brutalizing their prisoners, but some, like this one, turn the tables on the cops. This handsome cop is wearing a beige, leather uniform and he's submitting himself for a hot bondage scene. First his hands are bound behind his back, then he's gagged with a wide piece of duct tape. After his whole body is tied up in rope and a series of intricate and decorative knots, his Master unties all of the rope except for the binds around this cop's hands. Slowly the cop is stripped, until he's wearing nothing but his jockstrap. And then, his hairy body is bound again; this time he's tied up sitting in a chair. I know what I'd be doing at this point: I'd be cutting off that sweaty jockstrap with my Swiss Army knife and getting to work on the helpless cop's cock.

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