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This time on Academy Men, the cons are turning the tables on the cops. John is a handsome guy who has called the cops to report a break-in at his home. He ushers the cop up the stairs to show him the scene of the crime. As the officer proceeds through John's bedroom, John tackles the cop and gags him with a chemical soaked rag. The officer falls to the floor on conscious, and John gets to work. He secures the cop's hands behind his back, and then, he tapes the officer's mouth shut with a big piece of duct tape. John moves down to the cop's feet and remove his black boots and binds his feet with rope. The cop is pretty hot -- a big, burly bald man with a salt 'n pepper goatee. And now that John has the officer immobilized, he sits and waits for the police officer to regain consciousness. What would you do with a helpless cop lying bound and gagged on your bed? I know where I'd take this scene.

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