Cool Bear

It's wall to wall pics of older men, bearded men and bears at Cool Bear. This is a very simple Tumblr site that pulls together images of guys who you and I would class as bears, plus other guys who are definitely not twinks or even jocks. You will find your standard run of cowboys and construction workers, plus some grey haired men, all fit and strong, powerful but not necessarily big and beefy, either. It's a mix of images blogged and re-blogged from all kinds of sources, you are able to see the 'notes' made on individual images, link to the RSS feed, follow the blog, check out other followers and use it as a kind of social place to hang out and introduce yourself to other guys who also like all things bear.

I stayed on this blog for ages just clicking back through the pages and I found men from known websites, such as Butch Dixon, I found amateur men, some very interesting posed shots (the teacher in a gown and jock was nicely unsettling), and from time to time a shot of a guy with a hard-on, so you really do have a good eclectic mix of all kinds of guys, and yet they are share the bear look and feel. If nothing else it's a fun place to idle away a few minutes.

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