Conrad and Ducati

It's time for another season of Dominic Ford's ambitious So You Think You Can Fuck online series. In this Survivor-inspired reality competition show, two teams of porn stars do battle in group challenges and sex scenes. Superstar Matthew Rush returns as host, and this year, some more established models are joining in, including Tommy Defendi, Trenton Ducati and Landon Conrad. They're joined by Bryce Evans, Vance Crawford and Armond Rizzo. Both teams live in an abandoned army barracks that we're told is "in the middle of nowhere." (Though we spotted someone innocently riding by on a bicycle during the sex scene!) And they get to wear faux military fashion courtesy of Sold Out Clothing.

But before they get to the sex, the guys compete in the "Obstacle" challenge, in which they run, jump, climb and light a torch with fire. Now, it's always fun to watch a gaggle of gays attempt to play sports and not throw like a girl. This group mostly succeeds. Then it's onto the steamy pairing of Ducati (who recently announced his marriage to go-go dancer boyfriend David) and Conrad. (Only paying members get to see the hard-core action; everyone else can watch the rest of the episode for free.) These studs have worked in the industry for a number of years and clearly know what they're doing. Conrad sucks cock with abandon, Ducati eats Landon's beefy ass with ease, and both flip-flop fuck expertly. There are a few jarring jump cuts here, and the lighting could be better (it's tough to film outdoors, especially when you're shooting on a jungle gym!), but the sex is sweaty and intense where it counts.

And the judges seem to agree. Scotty B is back as the moderator (he gets lots of practice as the host of the weekly Dirty Dish event at Revolver in West Hollywood), introducing a new panel of judges, including porn star Ryan Russell, who now works for series sponsor; Danny of the Cam4 site; and Pierson from Toronto's DailyXtra. Together the panel reaches a consensus, which we won't reveal. You just have to watch. Then it's onward to Week 2 of this 10-week game show. But remember, even though the teams gain points for winning the group challenges, fans have a say in who wins the series by voting online. The winner will be named in a live finale at Revolver on April 30. You can cast your vote at SYTFCF.

Conrad and Ducati

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