Conor Michaels Hits the Casting Couch Hard

Strip club vet Conor Michaels (let's call him "Magic Conor") says he's never done anything like this before. I don't know whether to do a spit take or believe him. But why the fuck not believe, right? You can only go so far at a Texas strip club before you need to expand your audience, especially if it makes you hard to show off. But if he ever gives you a lap dance and says it's his first time, he's fibbing. The oil-stained g-string will be a clue.

This dirty blonde tatted dude (who won't take it up the ass for now, tick tock) has a sweet touch of ginger in him and a jawline that will make you cream. His eyes and muscles suck you in too. Up and down are his favorite directions. Up the dick and down the dick. It's a living!

Stick around post-cum so you get to see him flash his killer smile. Pearly whites are a great match to the pearls of cum on his tight abs. He must be so happy the world didn't come to an end after he broke his porn cherry by jerking and shooting on camera. Head to Dirty Tony now for a front row seat to Magic Conor's porn debut.

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