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We interviewed 6'1" tall, 8" uncut, 22-year old Connor Maguire; bisexual pornstar for the massively popular Next Door Male, Helix Studios and various other big names!

Thanks for doing an interview for GayDemon, Connor. We're super excited to get to talk with you!

I've heard you refer to yourself as "sexually greedy". Does that mean you're bi as well as vers? Do you prefer guys or girls?

Connor: I am bisexual. I prefer whomever I feel the strongest connection to.

Tell me how old you are and when did you first started doing porn? Who was that for?

Connor: I am now twenty-two years old. I started porn when I was nineteen. My first site was Cougar World.

The boys over at Helix Studios are really lucky bottoms, having had the pleasure of you in them! What was your favourite scene for them?

Connor: I can't choose a favorite scene, but they are an awesome company to work for. They are very skilled, respectful, fun, and they allow the models to suggest positions.

Connor Maguire - Helix Studios

You do a lot of fetish scenes too, which we love! Do you enjoy kinky sex? Are you naturally dominant and do you indulge in any fetish outside of porn?

Connor: I do enjoy kinky sex. I love trying new things. I am naturally very dominant and I've indulged in many fetishes outside of porn.

So, you do straight porn, bi porn, gay porn and kinky porn. Is there any porn you won't do?

Connor: I won't do bareback porn.

Tell me where you grew up, a bit about your background, what your ambitions in life were and how they compare to what you're doing now? 

Connor: I moved around a lot as child. So I sort of grew up all over the country. I always wanted to be a superhero. It kind of came true.

What can we look forward to seeing in your future porn exploits? Is there anything exciting in the pipeline? Anyone you're looking forward to working with?

Connor: I had some big plans, but they were all cancelled because of the current moratorium.

Connor Maguire Bound Gods

Who is your favourite pornstar?

Connor: I don't have a favourite.

Tell me how you keep in such good shape? What is your routine?

Connor: I have been studying health and nutrition for a long time. I've pieced together my knowledge and managed to form an easy successful diet and workout plan. I haven't been working out as much as I'd like. But its easy to stay in shape when eating only organic foods.

Does having such a successful career in porn affect your own love-life? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? What qualities do you look for in a partner? 

Connor: It does. Everyone pretends to be okay with it at first, then it eats away at them. I am currently single. I look for an earth-loving, free minded, artistic partner.

How can fans keep up with you? Twitter, Facebook etc? Do you have your own website?

Connor: Currently I only have a twitter account (@ConnorMXXX), but hopefully I'll have a site soon!

Do you have any advice for guys that want to get into porn? How do you balance your work/life balance and do family and friends know much about your porn career? 

Connor: My family and friends know about my career, but we never talk about it. Its like talking about anyone else' sex life. 

Connor Maguire Into The Wilde

Uber-grateful for getting the opportunity to ask you some questions. Is there anything you want to say to your fans? 

Connor: I would like to tell my fans that hate has never solved any problems. If we approached what we are upset about or afraid of with love and understanding, those bad feelings will go away. Fall in love with your own life before you fall in love with another person. 

See you soon, Connor! Can't fucking wait for your next video!

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