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Conner Habib's Blog dates back to August 2010. He's a writer and a writing coach and a lecturer. He's also won a GayVN award and a Grabby for his work in the porn industry as a model, appearing in over 100 porn movies. What? Yup - that's right. He's won awards for his other work too, so this guy looks like one of those all-round clever dicks with an award winning dick who is not only talented and good looking but spiritually centered, and who has clearly got his life together. He's a fascinating and totally inspiring guy. Whether you're a writer or a would-be porn film actor, this is a place to find yourself. I mean, you may also actually 'find yourself' through his thoughts and 'teachings', but really you should find yourself having a read of his pages.

For me, as someone who writes, I'm very tempted to set up a course with Conner. He advertises one-to-one tuition which you can do via Skype or in emails, so no pressure to travel. Or you can simply check out his blog and pick up ideas and advice by reading the essays and extracts he publishes there. Whatever you do, take a look and be inspired.

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