Conner Habib: Rejected At College

It must be said that just because you have a college degree this doesn't really mean you are smart, and much less would it imply that you are open-minded. In fact, some people who go and finish college are just downright stupid and ignorant, and today we'll see just how having preconceived notions about someone can end up making you look like a twat!

Cub and all-around porn hottie Conner Habib has worked with all sorts of studios including MenAtPlay, UKNakedMen and Hothouse. When this stud isn't shooting porn, he's always shared his thoughts about how he views the world, whether it be on his twitter or his website. He has gotten a reputation for not only being out-spoken but as some sort of "porno-lectual".

Conner was recently invited to a community college in New York state to talk about sexuality and sexual health, and not everyone was happy that Conner Habib would be talking given that he works in gay porn!! (Oh no! A gay porn actor talking about sexuality?!! What is this world coming to?!!) The college's president, Katherine Douglas, cancelled the lecture once she found out about Habib's job and said that she was not going to let porn rights and LGBT rights become intertwined on her campus. I think she just might have watched one of Conner's porn flicks and decided that since she didn't cum, well then, neither could he!

I seriously can not believe that in this day and age working in porn is still an issue with people that supposedly educated. This has got to be one of the most ridiculous stories ever and making such a HUGE fucking deal out of NOTHING! I'm sure this will not stop Conner from speaking his mind and will probably now voice his opinions even louder than ever before, now that's smart!

(Source: Buzzfeed)

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