Conner Habib talks about sex

I gotta say Conner Habib does defy what most people think about porners and what they are all about. He is not only a porn star but he is also a columnist and writer. Now, that he's fucked on screen he wants to get people talking about what he knows best: SEX.

Conner will be leading an on-line course entitled "How To Start a (Sexual) Revolution" that will focus on how sex can help to create a better world and how it can help you create a deep change in yourself and society. The course consists of 3 sessions and will feature special guests Duncan Trussell, Samuel Delany, Buck Angel and Tristan Taormino.

So, are you interested in signing up for the course? Well all you have to do is go HERE and register. The start date is June 19th and will continue on June 26th and July 3rd. I'm sure that the course will be a hit and also something very interesting for all those that want to dive deeper into sexuality and how it affects us and everyone else around us.

Class dismissed!

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