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I had heard of Conner Habib before, but I had never really seen the gay porn star in action - I tend not to watch many mainstream-studio porn DVDs. But recently, this hairy stud took a trip to London, and while there, he got together with Butch Dixon. They shot some photos in Butch Dixon's backyard, and after they headed inside to film Conner's private jerk-off session.

As I watched Conner Habib starting to stroke his cock, one thing struck me - he's got a really big pair of low-hanging balls. Conner started off his jerk-off session on his knees with his back to the camera, and he massaged and fingered his butt hole. Once he gets a couple of fingers into his fuck hole, he lets out this soulful moan. (I love guys who are into pleasuring their own butt holes.) With his hole wet and a little satisfied, Conner sits down on the sofa and works his hard cock. Conner's cock isn't huge; but when fully hard, he can still get two fists around it - and he does.

I loved Conner's cumshot. He's kneeling on the couch, jerking his dick furiously, and Butch Dixon isn't too far away with the camera. Conner's breathing starts to quicken and you know it's getting close. Suddenly, he let's out an "ahhhh" and his cock literally explodes. One huge burst and watery cum flies everywhere. The blast even seemed to take Conner by surprise, although I don't know why, you'd think a guy would know his own cumshot patterns. A second burst follows, less vigorous than the first, but still impressive. And Conner is soaked in cum and so is Butch Dixon's couch - and judging by the explosion I saw, Butch probably even got a little on his shirt!

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