In an interview that rivals Barbara Walters' 1977 joint interview of Egypt's Anwar Sadat and Israel's Menachem Begin, porn star Conner Habib takes on Big Brother reality TV star, hot-bodied ass pumper and upcoming scene partner Steven Daigle in a short, highly entertaining Q & A where Messr. Habib asks questions to Mr. Daigle posed by fans and other assorted porn aficionados.

So what sort of questions are asked and what sort of answers are forthcoming? Well, for starters, we enter the rarefied world of superhero sex and discover that Steven is partial to Gotham City's dynamic duo, Batman and Robin:

Conner: I'm going to ask the best one of these which is...Which superhero would you like to fuck or get fucked by?

Steven: Wow, that's a good question...which superhero. Well, Denz (the fan), um, I think my favorite just because watching movies, I'm just going to have to say Batman because they were always the hottest. Although, in the certain few of the Batman movies, my favorite was Chris O'Donnell who played Boy Wonder (Robin). So I'm going to go with Boy Wonder, Robin.

We also learn, among the many other interesting asides, that Daigle would be perfectly happy to fall asleep with a man's penis inside of him - sort of like a sleep apnea breathing device only with fewer insurance forms - and that the secret to maintaining his energy on-set involves an acacia berry-banana cocktail, a sugar-free Red Bull or, ironically, that penis we mentioned earlier up inside of him.

And while the off-camera chemistry between the two is surely a good sign of what's to come, be sure to visit Lucas Blog and see the whole thing for yourself.

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