You won't get any arguments from us: gay porn could use an injection of creative semen like a 7-11 burrito could use a fresh tortilla or two. Luckily, gay porn emperor Ty Lattimore has a solution and it involves multiple, amply-sized dildos, latex gloves and, was that a Martian with horn-rimmed glasses?

Mister Lattimore has teamed up with to produce original fetish content on his very own featuring interracial men of all shapes, sizes and appendages, a refreshing concept in that alone. (Valley heat is billed as a "model development" site for those in porn who are looking to, I'm guessing, take it to the next level?)

"This site has been a long time coming. I am looking forward to sharing [], with those fans that are looking for something with more of an edge. Since forming Throttle Media a few years ago, the response to the videos has been overwhelming! For years there has been a lack of Men of Color featured consistently in gay fetish content."

Ty is something of a lone wolf among the black community of gay content producers.* His work addresses a very specific demographic - interracial, fetish - and, furthermore, he has not compromised on his commitment to showcase a diverse range of men, physically, racially, ethnically, with varying complexions, et cetera. which is unusual in the business.

And it's unusual not because we expect big, perfect-looking men to satisfy some primal need for beauty but because Mister Lattimore has never made us think otherwise. He hasn't tried to have us believe that what we're jerking off to in gay porn is a real or necessarily healthy depiction of what it means to be a gay man exploring his sexual options a la smooth, muscular 20-somethings.

And for that very reason, we wish every success to We punch you in yo ass, Ty!


(*Race Cooper, btw, an avowed fetishist himself, has become one of its most beloved urinists as well. You can check out more of Race Cooper doing things normally associated with digestion at

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