(Ed. note: In my recent column on the Grabby's, I mistakenly noted that there was no award for the writers of gay porn. Boy, was I wrong.)

As faithful readers of my column here on Gay Demon know, I'm not a huge fan of an awards ceremony that sounds like something that was named during a bender by a bunch of Sloe Gin Fizz-slurping retirees in Palm Springs. (Nor am I fan of an awards show that not only ignores men of color but gives the prize for "Best Ethnic" picture to a white-owned and operated studio - Raging Stallion Studios* - while ignoring the dozens of well-made movies by and for the very people the award is meant to represent.)

But I am glad that my colleague, J.C. Adams of, took home the prize for "Best Porn Blog." First of all, he deserves it. J.C. has been covering the industry since 1995 and has done so in the sort of journalistic fashion that one wouldn't expect from an industry known less for its cultural contributions and more for double penetration and its variations of urethral stimulation.

What J.C. does - clearly, informatively and, most importantly, unbiasedly - is present industry news in a straightforward and evenhanded manner without so much of the snarkiness prevalent on some of the other top gay porn blog/news sites. He doesn't hold grudges, demean others, let his biases affect him and base his decisions on what to write about on his own personal preferences like, ahem, I do. Further, his comment threads are known for their intelligent discussions on topics that are important to his readers.

J.C. has repeatedly been passed over in recent years by people of lesser talent and whose understanding of gay porn history is all but absent. So it is with great pride that I and the staff of Gay Demon congratulate the man who, day after day, week after week and month after month, provides a forum for industry goings-on.

Congratulations, J.C.!

(*For the record, I happen to really like the work from Raging Stallion Studios.)

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