Spencer Reed with his partner Damir

We had reported a while ago that hot pornstar Spencer Reed would be taking the plunge and tying the knot with his long time boyfriend, and on April 5th this stud was finally off the market! (Insert sad face here!)

Yes, Spencer and his partner Damir had a very intimate and low-key event in Berlin, Germany, and while they didn't get "married" due to the fact that Germany does not extend marriage to same-sex couples, they are now "domestic partners." That sounds so formal and kinda like a business partnership. I like the sound of "Gay-Married" better - it has a certain ring to it!

Spencer posted some pictures of the two lovebirds during the ceremony on Facebook, as well as on twitter, and I have to say they looked so sweet and cute together! Congratulations to the happy couple and may they have a long and prosperous life together. Hopefully they will be celebrating many anniversaries for many years to come!

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