Meet Gabe. He's from Corbin Fisher and he's certainly not the usual type of model you see there. At 22, Gabe seems a little older and he's got the kind of confidence that the younger men usually lack. He's also got a pretty muscular body and sports 9 inches of hard cock.

Gabe is working his way through college as a waiter so getting paid for doing some nude modeling was right up his alley. He also loves showing off - you can see him showing off for the girls where he works, and he seemed to love showing off for the camera as well. He had no problem stroking his great big rod for the shoot and it seemed to make him extra horny that people would be seeing him in action.

Gabe was so hot that the folks from Corbin Fisher had him come back a few times - and no wonder! With that face, body and cock, who wouldn't want to see more of him?

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