Confessions Of A Boy Toy

Time to get serious and read some hot writing by Oscar Raymundo as presented at the blog, Confessions Of A Boy Toy. When I first saw the title my mind flashed immediately to something quite different, something a little bit kinky and naughty. What I found when I hit these pages though was a set of travel and other articles written by a guy 'seen in the New York Times...' and other publications. Oscar is a serious writer writing about serious topics in this semi-autobiographical blog, as the about page describes it. The blog takes us right back to 2009 and you can dip in and out of the archives with ease. The variety of reading is pretty impressive as well with visit to Thailand and France, thoughts about nightclubs and gay vacations, and a little foray off into the slightly-naughty with articles about who would make a hot sidekick to Batman as Robin (Chris O'Donnell every time for me) and some topless pics of Jake Shears. This is one of those blogs where you start reading at the top and the next thing you know you're still reading and it's way past your bedtime.

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