Confessions of a Bad Boy is a pretty doggone delightful newer blog which is funny, hip and just a little combative in the most cheeky sort of way. Designed and inspired by a young and talented guy, Confessions of a Bad Boy shows just tons of promise. His profile and personal sections are must reads in order to get a real feel for the blog, which then provide a by far more obvious view of where this irreverent and fresh cat is coming from. His "takes" are highly personal and mannerly and yet he poses some steamy semi-soft-core pictures of athletic studs who are somewhere beyond attractive in a very lusty sort of setting. His world of images does occasionally tend to run to the commercial with hot pictures of attractive guys in swim wear and other hot younger men posed in high-fashion duds, fresh from the latest and most hip designer wear. He features his fantasy love objects from the celebrity world in no uncertain adoration. In the end, we will see what he offers over the longer term but, as for now, this is a fresh and promising young guy with an eye for art, men and refreshing honesty. That's a good combination in anyone's book.

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