Condoms With a Prideful Message

Anyone out there still using condoms? That's a rhetorical question--and hopefully the answer is yes! Now, just in time for all your back-to-school shopping needs, alternative marketing company Say It With a Condom has launched a snappy new line called Pride Condoms. Who said that marketing to the gays was over? Especially when you're trying to get them to wear rubbers in the age of Truvada!

What makes Pride Condoms unique is that they're wrapped in custom packaging imprinted with catchy phrases meant to shed light on major issues facing the LGBTQ community today. Some of the messages are serious ("30 percent of suicides are LGBT related. I refuse to be a statistic"), while others are lighthearted ("Bisexuals do it better--with everyone").

"Our goal has always been to start a conversation," director of business development Damian Charles told XBIZ magazine. "With the current stigma surrounding sex and condoms, people constantly ask us, 'Why use a condom?' A flyer can be thrown away, but when a person is given something such as a condom, they are more inclined to keep it and show this unique marketing tool to others."

Perhaps. At least the company is promoting social responsibility in a fun and creative way. And 25 percent of all sales from the Pride Condom series will go to nonprofit organizations advocating for gay equality and awareness. So wrap it up, guys! For more info, click here.

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