Completely Naked

Completely Naked is picture-rich, authored by a guy from Miami who mentions his need for at least pictorial anonymity. He does, however, wax very autobiographical, among all the super-hot pictures of the hot guys he posts, and he reveals a vulnerable but very appealing personality. He talks about his relationship with Nathan as if we really care - which, ironically - if you read enough of it, you start to. He writes very well, in the end, with a human touch. He also produces stories and mail sent to him, He appeals for all sorts of amateur input, especially pictures, of which he gets quite a few. Well, he runs them here, producing the words of other hot people who have encounters or lie about them well enough to be not only believable, but hot. In the end, his taste ion hot men wins the race for the most appealing aspect. He posts pictures of local and more widely-known guys with an eye for beauty of the male form and sometimes in outrageous glory. His well-muscled hunks are some of the hottest guys I've seen posted anywhere. This site is a true sum of its parts. Taken individually, there would not be anything particularly mind-boggling noteworthy, simply based on the separate elements. However, further reading makes for something more compelling - still hot - and gives a picture of a pretty dam cool blog.

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