Gay porn star Issac Jones tells about coming out

We see their sexy, hot faces on our computer screens and T.V's. We beat our meat to their chiseled bodies and rock hard cocks, so it's sometimes easy to forget that they are.... well..... just like everybody else!

Recently a lot of gays have been sharing their coming out stories ,and now it's time for one of the hottest guys in porn to share with us exactly how he came out. It's none other than French hottie Issac Jones, who you may recall from a previous Gaydemon blog..

I asked Issac to tell us all about his own experience about coming out, and he said that it would be the first time he would ever really talk about this; he really opened up about a lot of personal details. I was really pleasantly surprised to see that Issac is not only very sexy and charming, but he also answered all of my questions very openly and sincerely.

Aamyko: When did you first realize you were gay?

Issac Jones: I always suspected it when I was a teenager, around 14-15, but kept it to myself for quite a while.

Aamyko: Were you raised in an "open-minded" environment?

Issac: Well, Yes and no: my mother is very open-minded and always accepted my choices. On the other hand, my father was a very hard man with traditional ideas, so you can gather that I was closer to my mother than I was with my father.

Aamyko: How was school life - did you realize you were gay then?

Issac: In high school, I found the good looking guys hot but it didn't go any further, so I was a "straight" wanker, still chatting up girls.

Aamyko: Did you have girlfriends when you were growing up? When was your last one?

Issac: I only had one relation with a girl, my best friend, after high school, and we were together for 3 years - we got on very well, like some girls get along VERY well with gay guys.

Aamyko: Did you have sex with girls?

Issac: She was the only one I had sex with.

Aamyko: When was your first experience with a man?

Issac: I was 20 when I had my first experience with a man. It was a guy who always went to the same places as I did, and we were often looking at each other before making contact.

Aamyko: What did you feel afterwards? Were you happy, nervous, relieved?

Issac: It was unforgettable, as first times always are. I was excited, happy and relieved at the same time. It was from that point that I knew, and I accepted, I was gay: a revelation!

Coming Out: Issac Jones

Aamyko: When did you come out to your family? How did they take it? Anyone member in your family you particularly wanted to tell?

Issac: I told my mother 2 months after this first sexual experience. I said I had to talk to her, and that I was attracted to guys, but I was so nervous. Her response was to take me in her arms, give me a kiss, then speak about something else. She accepted it.

On the same day, I told my elder brother to who I am very close to: it was important for him to know too. I was scared of how he would react but, finally, he asked if I was ill. I said "No". He replied: "as long as you're not ill, that's the main thing. You'll always be my brother" and we got drunk that night.

Concerning my father, he was devastated. Before telling him, we were both working together, as builders, and he had high hopes for me in his company, and we had a lot of complicity. I went to his house to tell him and took more than half an hour on announcing it indirectly, but he wouldn't understand so I told him directly. His reaction was aggressive and he told me that everything was over, professionally and family wise. He said he would have preferred the police telling him I was killed in a car accident than to hear that I was gay. I told him to act as if the police came, and that I died. I hadn't heard anything of him ever since.

Aamyko: Did any of your close friends know you were gay?

Issac: My close friends knew nearly at the same time I did. My best friend took it well, and the others lost contact: they weren't really my friends.

Aamyko: If there was any advice you could give to guys that were thinking about coming out, what would that be?

Issac: I think that every situation is different, for each family (there are loads of people I know, and my boyfriend, who had no problems when coming out to their parents), but even if it can cost a lot (like in my case), it's a relief to allow yourself to live your own life, and to prepare yourself for any homophobic remarks, and have a healthy life.

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Thanks so much to Issac Jones of answering my questions that I know were a bit difficult to answer, especially given the way things ended with his father. I thanked Issac for being so honest and giving us details of his coming out story, and he told me that while he loves doing porn he also would also like his fans to get to know a bit more about him. I think he has done just that, and it's made me like him even more!

(Photo credit: Mircius Aecrim)

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