Joseph - The Gay Song

Coming out and bullying have become quite the hot topics recently due to the fact that more and more gays are coming out at a younger age (usually in high school or when they come shooting out of their mama's vajay),and are now having to deal with narrow-minded idiots making their life hell just because of something that isn't even other people's business in the first place. Being bullied in school is one thing; it's very real, and of course can leave traumas for pretty much the rest of your life if you don't deal with it. Then's there's internet bullying, which for some is worse 'cos things get beyond the "gay factor" and start getting personal.

So what is a young gay to do if he is being harassed daily about his/her "gayness?" Well, if you're Joseph Birdsong then you tackle the haters with a song ('cos you KNOW that is how we gays handle all our problems!) where he answers the "burning" question that everyone asks him online all the time: ARE YOU GAY?

Yup, this little gem is about how Joseph likes unicorns and rainbows and how he loves to shove men's penises (and other random toys) up his jacksy. Aww! Isn't that just the cutest? I think Joseph has probably made the best coming out tune ever - seriously it's right up there with Gaga's "Born this Way."

So if you're ever in the mood to end all the doubts and questions people ask you about you being gay or not, I recommend you just send them this video, and it will pretty much do all the talking for you! ENJOY!

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