For over 40 years, the name COLT has been synonymous with rugged masculine men - men who are the definition of what a "real man" is supposed to be. It probably goes without saying that these men are not only muscular but also handsome, often hairy and are the kind of men that turn heads when they walk down the street or work out in the gym. As a studio, not only has COLT produced for years pictorials and movies that show the sexuality and appeal of their models, but they have also been an active part of the gay community.

COLT Studio has had a booth at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, and also contributes by bringing some of their models, the COLT men, including Carlo Masi and Adam Champ.


Over the years, COLT has added to their nearly legendary status by creating calendars, magazine pictorials, leather gear, clothing, playing cards and videos of their models - men like Al Powers, Tony Ganz and Alex Stark.


COLT Studio's men are the epitome of maleness. From cowboys to bodyguards to leather, their models have embodied the beauty of masculinity. And those of us who grew up with COLT look forward to many more years of high quality productions and the men who did so much to help form our fantasies and our sexuality.


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