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Someone alert the Fashion Police! COLT Studio Group has announced the relaunch of its COLT Basics apparel line. Now called the COLT Collection, this series of signature underwear and T-shirts will bear the COLT name and the iconic artwork of company founder Jim French. The venerable studio is joining with Los Angeles-based Timoteo Designs to create the line, which will be produced in the United States. Its goal is to bring new integrity to the COLT brand with designs that focus on fit, fabrication and quality.

"COLT is a lifestyle brand that our customers are proud to wear at the gym, at the clubs, in the street and everywhere worldwide where men take care of their physiques and have the COLT Man masculine image," COLT President and Creative Director John Rutherford says. He also reveals that the studio has been using some of the designs in the new film Beef's N' Briefs. Above, you see porn stars Dirk Caber and Tony Orion modeling the undies on the set.

"Ever since I was a young adult I have been a huge fan of COLT," says Timoteo Ocampo, creative director and co-owner of Timoteo and designer of the new line. "They were an inspiration to me when I came out as a gay man. I had a COLT Man Steve Kelso poster in my room, which gave me the confidence to be myself and come out."

Look for the fashions in the COLT Studio Store soon. For more information, visit COLT Studio Group.

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