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Every so often, COLT Studio Group dips into its historic vault for some prime material from the past (most created by iconic founder Rip Colt). You guys know that the gay porn industry wasn't invented with the Internet, right!? There's a wealth of hot guys and amazing movies from the past 30 or 40 years (from COLT and numerous other studios) that just might get you off. So if your favorite porn star of today has reached saturation levels of overexposure, maybe you should consider taking a look back.

One porn obsession from our youth was beautiful Cole Carpenter (top photo) and his scrumptious, veiny cock. In a recently discovered clip from the mid-1980s titled Double Exposure, the gorgeous and always coiffed blond unwinds from a long day at the office by listening to some racy phone messages (this was before sexting!). He receives an invite from long-haired dude Pierce Daniels to watch a video (ha!). Soon the guys get so caught up in the action on-screen (humpy Chris Thompson and blue-eyed twink Cory Monroe star in an erotic scene within a scene), they start kissing and making some fun of their own. There is great editing and crosscutting between the two scenes here, and both are winners.

A solo featuring legendary hunk John Pruitt exercising and taking a shower is also available from the COLT vaults. To check out these and other gay porn classics, visit

COLT Raids Studio Vaults

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