COLT Icon JD Amos COLT Icon JD Amos

COLT Studio Group continues to do a deep dive into its vast archives. Just as we never heard of the most recent COLT Icon, JD Amos is the latest model from the past to join the exclusive circle of studs in this ever-growing series. And although we don't recognize his name, face or body (do you!?), that is clearly all of our collective loss.

The studio calls JD a "living anatomy chart of defined muscular perfection." Obviously this buff bodybuilder hit the gym quite a bit. He also had a nice uncut cock and a "bubble butt chiseled from stone." You'll find a couple of solo videos of the straight stud working his meat and playing with his smooth hole on the COLT site.

So where in the world is Amos now? God only knows. But we can still enjoy him now! For more information, visit COLT Studio Group.

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