Colors Of Leather

Colors Of Leather is all about leather history; it was founded by Gwen Hardy of Jacksonville Florida in 2002 when she started collecting club 'colors', or badges; bikers' badges, that is. The collection grew and grew, went online, and then other aspects of leather life started creeping in until she ended up with the site that you will see when you click the link. It's a huge collection of all things to do with leather, both straight and gay. The main banner sets the scene with a shot of Ramrod's 'Biker's Row' and the menu then gives you very simple ways to reach the various parts of the collection. You've got info and biographies about writers and artists, links to their books and works, there are comedy 'toons from various magazines, and of course the main collection of biker's colors themselves. This, as Gwen says, is an on-going and ever-expanding project as she continually adds images and information. I'd say that if you had even a tiny amount of interest in the world of bikers and leather, the art, the culture, the gay and straight aspects, and even the fetish, then Colors Of Leather is a resource that's not to be missed!

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