In case you haven't heard, gay porn star Collin O'Neal has a new website. Hairy muscle man Collin O'Neal is well-known for his abilities as a big-dicked top, but a lot of people don't know that Collin has been doing a lot of work behind the cameras. He's been working on a series of DVDs called "Collin O'Neal's World of Men," and it has the porn star travelling the world and filming the hottest men he can find in a particular country. He's already shot Lebanon, London, and Sao Paolo. To showcase his videos, and also to display the footage that didn't make it to the DVD, Collin launched a website a couple of months back. It's jammed with pictures and videos. I don't normally like solo gay porn star sites because one guy usually can't fill up a website with enough stuff to warrant paying a monthly membership $24.95. I'm really not interested in some guy's work out schedule, or watching him go to the grocery store to shop. But Collin O'Neal's site is different. First, it's not all about Collin. There are a lot of videos and pictures where Collin's not even in the scene. And that ups the ante in the inventory. Collin already has 40 other guys appearing on the site with him in over 30 videos and 40 action galleries. And Collin O'Neal fans will find tons of stuff featuring the man himself. This particular scene has Collin fucking a hot, blonde Robert in a wooded area south of Stiges, Spain. Oh yeah, if you're interested in playing with Collin and appearing in one of his videos, go to his website and fill out the application.

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