homoerotic college sports

I'm just doing my best to keep Madonna relevant (with no help from her). She's really more into dancers, not all the yummy as fuck college jocks steaming up the world. Now when considering what college sports are homoerotic, it's more a question of which ones aren't. Even tennis has shorts and doubles. Okay, badminton, men on cheerleading squads, and chess: non-erotic. But the rest have the homoerotic energy potential of a supernova. From track, wrestling, soccer, baseball, diving, water polo to the sports pictured above, college jocks are pretty much an archetype of friendly, yet intense, male studliness.

They are the standard by which some folks measure themselves, remembering the good old days when they looked like that too or totally admired that or craved that. That ass, bulge, chest, sweat, used jock, confidence, smile. You guys who work at colleges (and enjoy your college gym memberships, complete with locker room access), know what it means to admire that male muscle.

Oh yeah, they also play sports, some of which you may be a fan of. That's not irrelevant because focusing on the sports is what makes it okay for wrestling singlets to happen and rugby scrums to happen and clinging wet Speedos to happen. Without the sport part, it would just be softcore porn on ESPN or your local playfield. So if you're also a fan of the sport (as well as the male form), you win!

Still the ultimate sport is whatever happens in the locker room, like this scandalous thing you'd be lucky walk in on.

Want that college sports feel in your life? Check out your local gay sports teams as a fan or player. Those aren't (entirely) about the social aspect so pick a sport you like. Yes, sucking jock cock is a sport.

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