Kale is everything a college guy should be - he's laid back but also has some attitude, he's athletic with a great body and he's horny. And at 18 years old, that should come as no surprise. After all, we're all super horny when we're 18 - 18 and 19 are the years when our libidos just go into overdrive. Kale says he deals with being horny all the time by jacking off at least twice a day when he doesn't have someone lined up to help him out. And he can always get paid for jacking off by doing another shoot at Perfect Guyz.

Kale loves to play with his hard cut 8 inch cock, and he doesn't mind being watched or being caught on camera, either. Kale a little bit of an exhibitionist - you can see he loves having an audience!


He's also always ready to try something new, and the crew from Perfect Guyz had just the thing. They had this transparent sex toy for him to fuck, and he was more than ready to give it a go.


And here's Kale's cock inside the sex toy after slamming his meat into it over and over until he finally couldn't wait any longer and shot his load. You can see his hot creamy cum inside it...


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