Here's 18 year old Ace from College Dudes 24/7 as he takes a break from eating Shane's sweet ass to look up at the camera. Ace is only 18 years old, and this is his first hardcore scene. Both he and Shane have done jackoff vids, but Ace has never been with another guy on camera. And to make thing more intense, this is to be Shane's first time bottoming ever. Ace can't wait to get that anal cherry and really plays with Shane's tight hole to get it ready for things to come.

Shane is 22, gorgeous and also couldn't wait to get this shoot going. He eagerly sucked on the head of Ace's rigid pole. Both of these horny guys are ready, willing and very able!


After Ace's cock is hard and throbbing and Shane's hole is relaxed and wet from a good licking, Ace slides his shaft into Shane's virgin ass. He can't get over how tight and hot it is, and can barely hold back as Shane adjusts to getting fucked.


And then the guys flip-flip, and Ace lowers himself onto Shane's cock while stroking his own meat. Shane may not have bottomed before, but he shows Ace that he sure knows how to fuck in this flip-flop scene!


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