It seems that trend nowadays is, if you're gay and you play some sort of sport then you gotta come out! That is exactly what former college football star Kevin Grayson did.

Kevin who is 25 years old, has been one of the most popular and celebrated players in Virgina and he decided to come out as he described his hiding his sexuality as cancer that can eat away at you. He told CBS Virgina that most people did not believe that he was gay cos he "played football" and was in general very athletic.

He did not come out earlier not because he was embarrassed but he felt that he wanted to focus on his studies and his career and he thought that coming out would have been a distraction. Grayson did confide in a few teammates and they didn't turn their backs on his and pretty much had an "I don't care" kind of attitude.

Kevin also said that he decided to come out cause his story could possibly inspire other gay athletes who are currently in the closet to come out and tell their story. Hopefully these kinds of stories will multiply and we will get to a point in society where we really don't care anymore about "coming out" in public.

Oh yeah, if you didn't notice Kevin is SO BEYOND HOT! YUMMY!

(Source: CBS Virginia)

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