College guys fuck

Carter Nash and Buddy Davis are two of the most popular guys at College Dudes 24/7, and it's easy to see why. Carter is 6' 1" and he's got that cute boy next door look that makes him seem almost innocent. Buddy is more muscular, and he has a sense of humor that shows in that twinkle in his eyes. When these two got together, it was lust at first sight. After a deep kiss, Carter can't wait to chow down on Buddy's cock, his own rod hard as he goes down on that fine piece of meat. Then Buddy delivers an enthusiastic rimjob, driving Carter up the walls - he wants to get fucked. He climbs on top of Buddy's manmeat and rides it while the guys share another kiss. Then Buddy's had all he can take - he takes control and gives Carter's hole a serious pounding!

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