Well, this is prob the biggest news in gay porn this year and it is quite the scandal and you know what people? You just can't make this kinda shit up!

Collin O'Neal has been in the porn biz for quite some time. He is no stranger to getting his cock sucked and banging ass for cash but Collin's REAL passion was not all in the bedroom. No, he also loved to teach and got himself a job as a substitute teacher in the Miami area. All harmless enough, right? WRONG!

Here is where the "scandal" begins. Collin (real name Shawn Loftis) was fired from his job after the school found out about his porn past. So, obviously pissed off about the entire situation, O'Neil spoke to The Miami New Times where he claimed to have "dumped" porn in the spring of 2010 before he decided to follow his teaching dreams. Now, this is the part where things start to get sticky, and in porn that is usually a good sign but here... not so much. The Sword claims that Collin had never really left porn at all and that even during his time as a substitute teacher, he was very much active in the gay porn world.

In August of 2010 Collin, attended the adult convention "Internext" in Hollywood, Florida, representing his company World Of Men, which he told The Miami New Times that he had sold to a Canadian company in March 2010. In September of the same year O'Neal was still sending out promo material where it clearly started that he was still CEO of the company. The Sword published an entire log of his porn tweets between Nov 2010 to July 2011 where it is more than obvious that Collin had in fact never left the porn biz at all.

This is where is gets ugly. Obviously, after The Sword questioned Collin's side of the story he took to the blog and left various nasty comments about Michael Lucas and Samuel Colt, who had given their opinions about Collin's story. Folks - the story don't end here as Collin has taken to the local news channel in Miami and given his first interview where he stands by his story.

What happens next? Well, anyone's guess is as good as mine. In his interview with the news channel, Collin told the reporter that it was more than likely that he would not be able to teach again, so he has "gone back" to making adult movies. This is most deffo not the end of this gay-scandalo! Stay tuned...

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