Cole arrived at his shoot for Fresh SX with a smile and a hard-on. Cole has a lean, athletic body and he's always got a hard cock, so they love shooting him at Fresh SX, but this time they asked him if he'd do something he hadn't done for them before. They asked him to give them a good look at that ass of his, and after he had posed to show it off, they asked him to spread it so they could shoot his shaved, pink hole. And I must admit that Cole has got one of the most fuckable assholes I've seen in a long while!

But there's more to Cole than just his ass. Cole says he loves to work out, and as a result he's slender. He's also smooth with a pouty look and he loves to show off, which is why he loves modeling nude.


Oh, yeah - there's one more thing to like about Cole... his massive fat cock! When Cole's horny, his cock stands very firmly at attention, and being 19 years old, he's always horny.


Cole is known at Fresh SX for shooting massive cumshots - and shooting them hard. This shoot was no exception as Cole shoots his creamy jizz all over his stomach and chest!


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