Gay pornstar, blogger and artist, Colby Keller, has given away all his earthly possessions and left his home in Baltimore in pursuit of a new and exciting venture. He's hitting the road with just a van, mattress, camera and modest subsistence to fuck the great nations of US and Canada.

Say what!? Yep. Colby Keller is travelling North America to fuck guys, film it and put his sexual adventures on his blog, Big Shoe Diaries. But he can't do it without some help ($35,000 goal!), and here's where you can be a part of it.

You may be lucky enough to afford a fuck out of Colby on his road trip! Unfortunately the price tag on that is a bit beyond most of our capabilities. However, you can help simply by getting our beloved fuck star a bite to eat. Donations to his new project earn you all sorts of perks depending on the amount you give. For example, $20 gets you a signed Colby Keller oversized photo postcard, and $11,000 gets you that well-coveted fuck. I'm pretty sure if you're hot, though, Colby will plow you anyway and stick the video up for the world to see!

Help Colby feed our lust for real porn by donating in any way you can!

Colby Keller

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