Colby Keller shows off his hard cock

I could seriously write and entire fucking 2,000 word essay on the hotness that is Colby Keller. I mean, I just think this guy is not only deliciously sexy but I love his voice! It's sooo like informative but has a slightly slutty twist to it that kinda drives me crazy! (In the good horny kind of way!)

Well, Colby has made quite a splash with his "In Bed With Colby Keller" series of YouTube videos where he gives advice on everything from on-line dating etiquette to some very helpful blow job tips.

Now Colby is lending his "sexpert" advice on how to make a splash in the world of gay porn with tips on how to record gay porn right in the comfort of your own home! Everything you've ever wanted to know about how to shoot, the angles, the "money shots" - Colby lays it all out in the open (sadly he is wearing clothes here) to help you make your way into the down and dirty biz that is gay porn!

I could seriously listen to Colby talk about getting a coffee enema and find it hot, but that's just me! Here is this sexy fella with his unmissable tips du jour! Enjoy!

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