Cody Cummings is probably one of the most popular names in gay porn at the moment, and love him or loathe him, the guy certainly knows how to market himself to gays, straights and bisexuals alike. He is like the McDonald's of gay porn really.

Well, Cody has finally let his once sacred ass get banged by none other than hottie Anthony Romero in his new scene "Shadowkiss". Cody is very proud of this scene, so much so that he has decided that once the scene finally is released on April 5th 2012 he will officially quit porn.

According to The Sword, Cody said that there would be nothing he could do that would ever top what he has done on "Shadowkiss" so he wanted to go out on a high. He will now become a sex therapist, life coach, and he is even going to start his very own jewelry line! Talk about a change in direction with the jewelry line, but if anyone can make a success of a new business venture it's sure Cody Cummings.

So, what do YOU all make of Cody's retirement? Do you think that this was inevitable or are all you crying bucket loads of cum, and want nothing more than for him to say that this was all just a cruel joke? I know most of you that are gay porn fans have some opinion of Cody, and now it's time to let us hear what you gotta say about one of the most popular names in porn saying "ciao" to the cum-filled screen!

Don't hold back now, ya hear!

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