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It's one of those cruel slice-o-life things that someone who was genetically bound to end up being "Cody Cummings" would (insert cruelty) simultaneously be more narcissistic than a roomful of 20-year-olds. But Cody has found a way. And, as a result, continues to allow you to worship him ad nauseum. And I agree with Mister Cedric DeWittison over on Fleshbot who argued recently that his I-don't-know-how-bi-I-am-but-I-definitely-know-I'm-not-gay act has grown as stale as a triangular piece of pre-cut cheddar on a bad Subway sandwich (hey, their Meatball is pretty good). He just needs to grow the hell up and fire his PR manager! Or, as DeWittison jeers:

"The trailer is ridiculous in its hard-assed "The Fast and the Furious" hammer hitting. Yes, it even includes the dramatic "Coming 4/6/11" in gray steely block letters usually reserved for The Terminator. The music is of the over-masculine guttural chant reserved for obnoxious straight men at a monster truck rally. Any self-respecting queen would run screaming from this un-dance-able dirge."

Ouch. But SO true. But there's something else. Something that Cedric neglected to mention, so we will.

There's something about Cody's taunting in that 'In-an-event-so-big-we-had-to-loosen-our-belts' trailer that is, I don't know, hilarious. Is it me, but am I the only person in the room who finds it funny that Cody, with his legs thrown back behind his head, and a small, beaded dildo up his ass, taunts the camera with his you-want-me-to-test-my-limits-I'll-test-my-limits-alright seriousness - he has a dildo up his ass, for Christ's sake! - just seems so obviously stagey. Yeah, yeah, the internalized homophobia, the gay profiteering, we hear you.

But that's why we have the whole love/hate relationship with Cody Cummings in the first place, I thought: He pretends that he's not gay because, well, gay is too, too much. And you pretend like you lost your bank card if you don't care for this particularly narcissistic brand of showmanship, however denigrating some may find it.


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