Cody Cummings Returns In New Solo

And they said it would never happen! When Cody Cummings retired from the industry last year, it was under a cloud of controversy. The beleaguered Next Door Studios exclusive took some heat for his gay-for-pay work. Did he simulate anal sex? Or was it the real deal? There were also rumors about the straight stud's personal life. Does he have a teenage daughter who forced him to quit the big biz? Or was he fired by the online studio? Oh well, who cares!? All we know is that earlier today Next Door posted a teaser for a new Cummings scene titled "Private Office." From the looks of the brief (21 second) clip, Cody is back to his old masturbatory ways. Hey, at least it's a start. Maybe actual penetration is on the way for Cumming's latest comeback! The solo scene debuts on May 23. For more info, visit Cody Cummings and Next Door World.

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