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I think we're moving ever closer to seeing Cody Cummings getting his ass fucked. This straight, gay-for-pay hunk is exploring more and more, pushing his limits every few scenes. And this is maybe the most erotic scenes of his career. He's paired up with cute and ripped Anthony Romero, and these two spend a great deal of time embracing, nuzzling, and exploring each others' bodies.

Cody Cummings is hanging out in an alley way, he's feeling horny, and he's looking for some release. Anthony Romero is no stranger to these alleys, but he never imagined finding a hot man like Cody waiting around for some dick action. The cruise is on and these two horny men size each other up, moving ever closer to each other. Finally they come together and kiss.

Of course a good cocksucker would never let a meaty cock like Cody's wander away without sliding it down his throat. And Cody is only too happy to fill Anthony up. And one of these days, but not today, I'm sure where going to see some lucky stud filling up Cody's ass. It's coming, I know it is, it's just a matter of time - and money.

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