Cody Cummings In New Documentary

When does fantasy stop and reality begin in gay porn? Or is reality and fantasy so intertwined, that they go hand in hand. One documentary attempts to find out using Cody Cummings as its guinea pig.

In Date My Porn Star, three lucky die-hard porn fans (two straight, one gay) get to meet their idols. These three were taken behind the scenes of what really goes on during the filming of porn scenes. All in an attempt to see if their attitudes would change by being exposed to the darker and less glamorous side of porn.

The Cody Cummings segment (whose real name is Kevin Lengyel) focuses on 23-year-old bartender named Danny Austin. Cody is Danny's absolute idol, even though Cody has retired from gay porn, Danny absolutely loves what Cody does. So much so that it has inspired Danny to become a gay porn performer as well. Once Cody and Danny begin talking about the ins and out of the industry, Danny begins to have second thoughts. Especially when Cody reveals a part of himself that makes Danny ponder over a career in this industry.

To watch this documentary go to this link at Vimeo.

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