Those were actually many of the very last words in the Q & A you're about to read. It's with Cody Cummings, one of the most recognized names in the gay porn world, for better or worse. So let's start with the better.

Just about any way you slice it, Cody comes up looking about as close to earthly perfection a stone's throw away from the Grand Canyon as you can get. His teeth are straight and white and healthy, and he has that romantic leading-man quality that movie stars are masturbated over. His body is rugged and muscular, his shoulders broad, his legs solid, and his skin colored that terra cotta shade of athleticism that makes me just want to bite down on a towel and scream.

But Cody is also frequently accused of shallow narcissism - a silly critique for a gay porn performer* - and shamelessly exploiting a homosexual weakness for straight men while profiting handsomely off it as well. Ouch.

But if Cody's straight, he's straight (which he went to some lengths to point out). And for some, that's the worse offense. Now we can sit hear with our pencils up our asses and debate the lengths to which that is true, not true or somewhere in between. But if we do, we don't get to hear some other interesting stuff. Like his willingness to come to Southern California and have a yogurt with me (even if he wouldn't commit to when). You know, important stuff like that.

I honestly forget how this whole idea of me asking Cody questions came about, and it's hard with a Q & A because it's completely one-dimensional. I ask, Cody answers. (I never got to press him on what he would do with a guy, for example.) And because he's been dealing with the same issues since coming into the business - Is he gay? Isn't he? Is it wrong if he isn't and profits off gays? - that to find new but relevant ways of approaching the subject was vital if I were to make this worth reading.

I'm not sure I have, but one day maybe I'll make a documentary about Cody Cummings and I can have a meaningful conversation instead of a conventional, time-tested he says, he says. And then I can ask him in person when he plans on having that yogurt with me.

(*I'm, er, one of those critics.)

Victor H: Hi, Cody. I know it takes a lot of work to be you (and, okay, I've been known to tease you and we only hurt the ones we love) but tell me: How old were you when you first knew you were the best-looking person in the room? Are your parents older, as-beautiful versions of you? (You do know you can now convert your DNA into chewing gum, right?)

Cody Cummings: Lol. Well, thank [you], first off. And I'm not the best looking person in the room, but again, thanks. Growing up, and through high school, I was not the best looking of my friends. I hung out with these [three] other guys that got tons more girls then me. Also due to the fact I was very shy. But they did seem to have their time then. I grew up after high school. And yes. It is all thanks to my parents. They both are amazingly beautiful people. Of course, no one looks at their own parents like that. But my Mom is a beautiful Puerto Rican women, and going through school, all the girls use to go nuts over my Dad. It would trip me out. lol

Victor H: Describe your fans. Do you think, for example, you have many black or Asian fans? Do you think you have more gay than straight fans? Has having a fan ever had to become something you've dreaded? Do you see a lot of traffic to your site from a particular spot on the globe?

Cody Cummings: My fans are amazing! I love the fact that I have fans from all over the world. I don't know, or care, what race they are. I think I have a lot more male gay fans then women. But I do think I have some female fans. Maybe a little more then "some". But I've always heard (from straight company guys) that "Girls dont watch guys jerk off." I beg to differ. I think, and hope, that I'm setting a new tone in this world. And maybe girls didn't watch that much 'cuz there was never really anything for them. Besides girl on girl. But now there is. I have never dreaded a fan. But I didn't know that I would ever have so many. And that it would ever flow into my personal life. That was hard to get use to. But it comes with the territory....But please, there is a time and place for everything...


Victor H: Why do you think you've succeeded where others have failed in gay porn? (I don't necessarily mean just because your body and looks are on loan from the Dr.-Caligari-House-Of-Amazing-Science, either).

Cody Cummings: It's different. I think I have done so well because....Imma say it: because the "haters" love to hate me. Because a lot of people out there can't handle the fact that I'm straight but dabble in gay stuff. There is no way a straight man is just OK with getting a blowjob. "He's in the closet". "They" want so bad to be able to say, "I told [you] he was gay." And the fact that 90% of the guys that come into this business come in as straight as an arrow. And a month later they're topping or bottoming. And that's fine. I have come to find that this business is a place for guys to find themselves. I love that. A lot of guys come from small towns where they can't be themselves. And when they finally find a place where anything is accepted, the truth comes out. This comfort and environment has allowed me to be myself. Thank you!

Victor H: Why do you think there is such vocal opposition to how you've chosen to market yourself? (You have been lampooned or criticized here, here, here and here.) What is it about your narcissism and/or bisexualism that makes it somehow different - worse, as you know your critics have argued - than what any other porn star is doing? After all, aren't we just paying to get off in whatever manner suits us? (I know, strange hearing that from me.)

Cody Cummings: Because I don't fuck or get fucked by guys. "How dare he have limits!" lol I don't know...But they have done a great job. I'm right down the middle, so where do you advertise me? One thing I do know was when I started this, it was called "gay for pay." FOR PAY! And all I hear is how wrong I am for being straight and taking advantage of the gay community. Give me a break! I thought this whole niche was about getting hot straight guys to do things they normally wouldn't. Guess I was totally wrong. And as far as labeling and putting people in a box? Some gays are just as bad as straight people. What happened to being open minded, and not labeling people?

Victor H: Do you have any pets? What kind? What does that tell me about you? (Even if you're petless.)

Cody Cummings: I don't have pets. Not anymore. I did have a dog but my apt was too small, and now Rocky stays with my Mom. I'm way to busy, and a clean freak. I hate animal hair all over my stuff. Furniture and clothes. I do love pets but I won't have any till I can love them right.

Victor H: Would you fly to San Diego and have a yogurt with me?

Cody Cummings: Oh fur sure. ;-)

Victor H: When?

(Question mysteriously deleted.)

Victor H: Clearly you enjoy both men and women (and until only recently, seemed only interested in men insofar as the whole hero-worship thing goes), but you've been reluctant to push the envelope with men until now. How much of that is "Cody Cummings" and how much of that is you? Do you or do you not sexually enjoy being with men? What do you not feel comfortable doing with men or having done to you? Why is that, really?


Cody Cummings: *It's all me. All me... No, I would not use the word enjoy. It's not bad either, though. But, no, I don't enjoy being with men sexually. I think if I did I would top, bottom, or both? This is not some marketing scheme. This is just me. I have done porn for a while now, and have had a lot of guy scene partners. Over the few years, I have gotten more comfortable. And like I've said, I'm blessed to work with the guys and team that I do. I really love my site; I want it to be the best. And I appreciate my fans more then they will ever know. So I will do what they want and ask for as long as I'm ok with it. And to add to that, I think some of it is that I'm still, till this day finding new things I like sexually. Some of the guys are amazing, and suck GREAT cock, but I think the day I'm not thinking about a woman in my mind at that moment or doing it in my personal life, then you would say "enjoying"

"What do I not feel comfortable doing to men?" A lot. "Or having done to me?" U can't do just anything to me! U can suck my dick and lick my ass. Everything else will depend on the energy I get from u. And "Why is that?" Again, because I'm not into dudes.

Victor H: How many times a day do you check your hair? Don't lie!

Cody Cummings: I would say I check my hair a million times a day. lol I think I don't. But I do. I'm more just checking the back and my eyebrows. lol And I wear it shitty a lot but will still check it. Some days I'll go out with straight bed head, but I'll still look and push that one hair to the left. lol

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