I will never get tired of watching two young, healthy, buffed men getting into their first professional sexual encounter. Adorned with tanned bods, muscles galore and beautiful tools, Cody and Rocky take us with them on a Saturday afternoon journey full of sweet gay lovin'. Although these two fellas have known each other for some time, this is the first time they've endulged in their lust for one another. The fact that it was caught on camera just adds so much more life to their premier encounter. And what lucky folks we are to get to witness it thanks to RANDY BLUE! This is something worth seeing!


Cody reaches for the goods hidden in Rocky's trousers. Rocky certainly doesn't seem to mind as his buddy grabs a hold of him, that's for sure. The look on his face tells us he knows what's cumming up. With a flick of the tongue on the dark-haired boy's ear, Cody knows what his pal likes.


Ahh, now isn't that lovely sight! Two young jocks like these guys engaged in a lustful kiss is just about enough to get my dick stone hard. Hold on while I re-adjust. Ahh...that's better.


Well it would appear as though Cody has Rocky just about where he wants him now. Rocky is lost in another world I would think. A world full of nothing but bliss as his prick is teased to perfection. RANDY BLUE has the full gallery available for all of us if you'd like to see these hotties go through the full motions. I can tell you this is definitely not worth missing. Nothing that Randy Blue puts together should be missed by any means!

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