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Some of the Corbin Fisher guys take to bottoming better than others. Austin has been fucked by four of the Corbin Fisher alumni, and he did an encore performance with Lucas. And this week, Austin is taking on Cade and his big dick. It's probably best that Cade is bringing up the rear in this fucking parade because he's packing a whopper of a dick, and it's best to leave the biggest until a new bottom has been warmed up. You don't want to scare them away. I love watching Austin getting boned. He has no hang-ups or inhibitions, and he makes it very clear from his grunts and groans that it feels good to get fucked. A lot of these straight guys are a little hesitant to show that they're enjoying a cock sliding between their butt cheeks, but Austin is having a blast and shows it. He doesn't care what anyone thinks, he's secure in his masculinity and sexuality. And fucking such an enthusiastic bottom really gets Cade riles up. There's nothing hotter than knowing a guy is really enjoying your cock. And both of these studs shoot spectacular loads at the end of this sweaty fuck scene.

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