Cock To Cock Gloryhole Action Cock To Cock Gloryhole Action

Linwood is on the left and Diesel is on the right. Face to face, and soon to be cock to cock. The only thing separating them is Straight Fraternity's wall with a hole, a glory hole to be exact. Only thing left is getting down to business.

Diesel is quick to disrobe, stripping down to nothing except his boxer shorts. Linwood seems to take his time, and only removes his shirt. While waiting, Diesel begins to feel up his own crotch to get hard. Finally Linwood kneels in front of the hole, as Diesel sticks his cock through. Linwood then eagerly starts sucking it off.

After awhile positions are switched. Diesel knells in front of the hole and begins sucking off Linwood's cock. By this time both guys are nude and soon begins rubbing their greasy cocks together through the glory hole. Linwood cannot hold it in much longer. He proceeds to shoot his warm sticky cum all over Diesel's cock. He then begins to suck his own cum off Diesel's dick. Now it is time for Diesel to cum and he does so right in Linwood's eye. That Linwood is one lucky dude. He not only got to eat up his own cum, but he got an additional load onto his face!

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