I haven't visited UK Naked Men for a few weeks, so I had lots of catching up to do. This is Lucas and he's looks like he's slipped away from the office Christmas party to show us his cock. He's wearing a pair of dress slacks, a crisp blue, long-sleeved shirt, and a tie, but he's standing in front of some party decorations, so he's not exactly at home relaxing. Either way Lucas is a cutie. He's 26 years old and stands 6'1". Lucas unzips his trousers and whips out his cock first. He's got a nice one -- about 8 inches and uncut, and here I've given you a cock sucker's view. I love this pose, it's way of my favourites, and I guess that's because I enjoy being down on my knees so much. Lucas strips off his pants and unbuttons his shirt -- he has a beautiful body. He's mostly smooth, but his legs are hairy. And as he lies back and gets his dick very hard, he gives us a good look at his healthy set of balls -- a couple of big eggs hanging perfectly between his beefy thighs. Yes I sure wouldn't mind bending over the photocopier for Lucas.

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