Straight Man's First Gay Blowjob

Apparently Matt hasn't been getting any from his wife lately, so he stopped by New York Straight Men to get one of Christian's full-service blowjobs. Christian is one of the newer resident cock suckers at NYSM. And Matt didn't care who sucked his cock as long as there was lots of tongue and deep-throat action. Matt got a lot more than he bargained for as Christian bent him over the couch and ate out his ass as well. I always love watching men getting their first rimjob from a gay man. You can always tell by the look on their face that they're experiencing it for the first time, and you know their girlfriends have never done this before. Matt doesn't get a change to watch porn very much either since his wife has banned it from the house. Silly girl, if she let her man have his porn perhaps he wouldn't be showing off his cock on the Internet and getting it sucked by another man. I have a straight friend who is a porn hound and his wife's attitude is this: As long as he's ready to give me mine whenever I want it, he can watch as much porn as he wants. And he does. More women should think about that. Matt sits on the edge of the sofa, jacking his big cock and watching his pussy porn. Christian is lying on the floor between Matt's legs. And when Matt's ready, he dumps a nice load of cum all over Christian's waiting mouth. Man, I love watching this hairy bear cub sucking cock.

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