I'm a cock sucker. I love getting on my knees and giving a guy a long, slow blowjob. I love having a hot guy like Jack here sit in a comfortable chair, sit back and spread his legs, and let me go to work. And when I find pictures of guys in this particular pose, it really gets me excited. It's exactly what I'd be seeing if I were down on my knees servicing a nice, big cock. Jack's got a perfect cock -- it's about 8 inches long, featuring a slight downward bend, which is always great for sliding right down your throat. He also keeps his balls shaved, which more and more, I prefer. I love feeling a guy's nuts in my mouth and rolling them around in my hands. Shaved balls is the best way to go. And I'm finding through my blogging efforts that more and more straight guys keep their balls shaved. Jack's a beefy guy, too, standing 5'7 and weighing in at 170 pounds, and sporting some size 12 feet! Since I don't have Jack standing in front of me, I'll have to settle for checking out his hot jack off video clip at Perfect Guyz.

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