Clothed Nude

How can you be clothed and nude at the same time? Easy - just get one picture dressed and one undressed and put them next to each other. That's exactly what Clothed Nude does for us, and it makes for pretty compulsive viewing. There is a menu to the left that can take you to random selection of other blogs on similar themes (the soft/hard one is neat) and then you have the main page for all the pics this blog has gathered together. Most of the time you see the images one next to the other, and you can click to get them on their own pages and with any notes, or visits, left by other followers. A further click brings you just the images. But in other cases the guys behind the blog have made up rollover images where you point your pointer and the clothed guy becomes instantly naked, or they have created a non-stop gif that shows you the same result. It's fun and works well when the guy is in more or less the same pose in both shots. This is a fun blog for a bit of a pervy view. Although they don't really tell us anything, they keep us very entertained.

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